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Howl's Moving Castle - Papercraft

I thought this would be the toughest papercraft I've ever done, but actually, it was much easier than the V for Vendetta fail, lol.
The flying version of Howl's Moving Castle was also very difficult, because of missing parts and japanese instructions.

But this one...everything was numbered/labeled nicely and most of the time, I didn't need to look at the instructions at all. It was also easier because it is twice as big as the flying version and bigger parts are easier to glue than tiny ones.

Anyway, here it is:

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KHR! Fanart

The images in my KHR! Ficlet project are cropped down to 100x100. Good for those, which turned out shitty xD but bad for those, that look quite good ;_; anyway, here are the ones I like the most:
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Also, thesis 15/30 %D half finished, isn't that great? *dies* And I'm somehow almost done with the main subject, which is not good, because there are still 15 pages to go oO
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itsu poll tiem

Poll #1737466 The truth about Osama Bin Laden

Tell me what theories you support

Osama was killed yesterday
Osama is still alive, Obama declared his buddy's death to win next elections
Osama was killed years ago, but Obama waited for the elections to declare his death
The cake is a lie!
wtf is really going on!?
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haha, here comes one of the posts that makes one think "how am I supposed to reply to this without offending anyone?" XD
I found a book today called "Burka" by Eva Schwingenheuer, the front cover looks like this:

Her book consist of 45 illustrations, some of these are here Collapse )
First of all, this is not a burqa, this is called niqab. Difference.
I don't know whether I should laugh or be offended. The illustrator reduced the women to the niqab. The part for their eyes is white, which suggests that there is emptyness under the niqab, no woman, no personality, no human life.
Maybe I should buy it and see the rest of it.
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Howl's Moving Castle - Papercraft

Ffffffffffffffinally, I was getting really annoyed with all the paper snippets around me and the countless mistakes in the papercraft =_= not only my mistakes at glueing stuff wrong, but also errors in the pattern itself =_= like missing parts, wrong labeling, wrong sizes and so on.
But it's still pretty and I want to create the other version of Howl's Moving Castle next ('cause that one looks more kickass...didn't know it existed until after I printed out the flying version xD).

Anyway, big picspam again under the cut. Here's the cut. Here. I mean, here. Collapse )
The PDF file with the patterns, the japanese instructions with bigger pictures and the english translated instructions can be found here.
If anyone wants to try it too (it's not as suicidal as Going Merry and the Mosque papercraft, I swear xD), I recommend printing it in a copy shop, which use thicker paper and laser printer.
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Meme and Mesut Özils Bambi Award

day 4 - one film that impresses you so much
Léon: The Professional and Pan's Labyrinth. Both movies made me cry really hard, they're unforgettable movies that move your heart. I've watched Léon like +5 times, can't get enough of it. And Pan's Labyrinth was deleted from the hard disk by my mother, thank you very much. I want to watch it again ;_;

Want to write about a video I've watched today. Özil got a Bambi Award for successfully integrating into the German Culture.
Actually, you can say: He got the award for being born in Germany, talking German NOT perfectly, and for playing in the German Football Team and scoring a goal against Turkey. That's it.

At the beginning of the video, that turkish girl, a news speaker for the shitty channel RTL II (and some other professions), talks about how she grew up as a turkish girl in a german community. It was really difficult for her to live between two cultures, because that poor girl was the only one in her class, who never got any chocolate in her shoes on St Nicholas Day (putting chocolate into kid's shoes on 6th December is normal here). And then her mom told her that Santa does not exist. That's so cruel, I'm almost starting to cry here.
But now, she's an integrated woman, who shows everyone her tits and gets chocolate in her stinky high heels. Everything is okay now, because she decided that Germany is her motherland.

Shall I tell you my story? I got chocolate every year, auntie was sneaking every night to our door to put them into our shoes. Sometimes it was mom's doing, despite being a muslim. I got Santa presents from neighbours, despite being a muslim, and we gathered in the attic with everyone of the 4 stories building and celebrated christmas. We, the little kids, despite being muslims, even acted some christmas stories or fairy tales by turning the stories into dialogues. It was a lot of fun, I will never ever forget this great time we had.
At Eastern, we painted eggs, rushed into the gardens to search for hidden sweets and went into the park to eat all them at a picnic. We're still Muslims, not integrated.
Of course people can't know about that, if we don't tell them that we once celebrated Christmas just for the lulz, but do we have to become celebrities until everyone noticed that we are indeed integrated? If Özil counts as that with so little effort (I don't count the football stuff), why can't we mark ourselves as integrated too?
Integration became a word that no one can explain now. Either your are integrated or you are not and it all depends on the viewer. And by integration, most people mix it up with assimilation, just like that bullshit talking turkish girl on the stage, which means that you completely give up your dignity and put on the cloak of the German cultural orientation, which is in fact just a shitton of mixed cultures from Italy, France, mostly USA, and god knows what.

What I'm trying to tell is: It's not the religion or the cultural background that takes away all the fun you can have in your childhood, it's just your parent's decision to not make a fool out of themselves by playing along with the crap every year. And it's certainly not a childhood trauma to not get any sweets when other kids do. AND...it shouldn't be one's goal to become "integrated" just to get some fucking chocolate. Maybe I'm taking her stupid speech to literally, but if she can't come up with something "serious" and I really doubt that she had any "serious" issues in her past, I'm not going to acknowledge anything she says.

I don't know why I'm getting so worked up over this. That woman just pisses me off.
I bet everyone in the hall didn't give a fuck about her lack of chocolates and shit. And what Özil said later on was more true, because he said: "Integration means to play a part in a greater whole, without losing your identity. Intergration means respecting each other." and then follows a big grammar mistake in his speech. Becoming part of it without losing your identity is contradicting, because it just doesn't work here. Respect is what is most important and if people would respect each other's culture and tolerate it, something like intergration would become an unknown word.

aah, woman, don't fucking blow him kisses -.-
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sharing a fic

I should stop being such a coward. If my fanfic is a fail, then so be it.

Title: Fatherhood
Rating: M (swearing and stuff)
Fandom/Characters: KHR! - Xanxus, Squalo, and two OCs
Chapters: 3 (ongoing when I feel like it)
Summary: Xanxus is suddenly being confronted with his own child he didn't know existed. How will he handle this kid, who's too much like him?
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6418435/1/Fatherhood

I think in 3rd chapter I managed to fill some plotholes I created in the first chapter (I rushed it too much), but it's possible that I created new plot holes along the way, lol.
It's unbeta-ed and always written past midnight *hides under blanket*

Btw I hate writing dialogues. It's damn difficult to integrate it into normal text without making a deep cut in the flow. I try to keep spoken lines close. My favourite authors always add a big block of text into a dialogue, which makes it seem like ages pass before the second character answers to the first chara.
Not only that, I got really confused with the punctuation in direct speech, thanks to about 5 other fics and a single website where I looked up how to use punctuation properly. They were all wrong. In the end, it was just the same like German punctuation. Had to edit everything a second time again, nice. New topic for how_to_fanfic, yay!
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manga/ anon meme

33. favorite BL manga seme/uke (can be from different series)
I read only one when I was 16. It's called Zetsuai Bronze. Threw it at a wall, because it was so difficult to read. There were 3 parallel ways of story telling: panels, speech bubbles, thoughts. Those thoughts were written in cursive all over the pages, one sentences sometimes spread to 2 double pages. Had to flip the pages ahead to read the full sentence, then flip back again to read the speech bubbles and look at the panels again *drop*
But the art was nice...

Btw after what happened to lpscanlations, is there anyone sueing Google for having porn in Google Images? Just asking xD

Oh, and wanna try this too:
Honesty Meme
Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

IP off, no captcha, anon on
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Mwaahahahaha, I finally got them *____* they're so...whoah, pretty!
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Screw Yen Press and Tokyopop, I'm not gonna wait till Otoyomegatari gets released in the US or Germany, because no way in hell will they make these volumes as pretty as the original Tankobon.
Can't wait for the 3rd volume now +__+