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friends lock

This journal is for..

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To keep out unwanted readers.

People in Germany are getting worked up about the new laws a certain "Zensursula" wants to enforce.
But the censorship of child pornography and the surveillance of the actions of children and teenagers in the internet is just an excuse to make the general surveillance official which has been active for decades.
My father and my aunt told me that especially muslims are the governments target to prevent terrorism and all this shit.
And this is not the only reason: My father has been monitored and our telephone has been tapped when he was still part of Turkeys most powerful party. And although he quit being a politician, there's still a chance that some people are keeping an eye on us.

A friends lock won't suffice to keep them out, I guess.

PS: If you're the type of human who can't stand other people talking back or having a different opinion: LEAVE. Get yourself a therapist.
Besides, I can't stand it being part of other people's collection of +150 friends. If you're so desperate, find someone else, I'm the wrong person.
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