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What a muslim man expects from his future wife

I've been dating a muslim for 3 weeks in April. He was a nice dude and all, but most of his sentences started with "I expect my future wife to be [...] and to not do [....]" bla bla bla.

Here are some impressions of these 3 weeks:

1. Going to work would hurt his pride.

2. Using public transportation is dangerous. Other men could sit down next to you.

3. High heels? Never! Might catch other men's attention

4. Having your own bank account shows your lack of trust

5. Even if you work, it would be really troublesome if other men work in the same department

6. Always stay the way God created you

7. Titles and degrees mean nothing before God. They should be destroyed This one hurt the most...

8. Travelling alone? Your place is always two steps behind your husband's back

9. Do you shake other men's hands? You do!? My God!

10. Wearing pants is the same as walking around naked

Last: Shut your trap and never talk back

Well, thanks, but no thanks, I'd like to keep my current lifestyle.
Tags: bullshit, common sense is wishful thinking, culture - tradition - religion, open your eyes, shitty society, what a waste of time, wtf is this shit

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