didip (didip) wrote,

It's the small things that bug me

I am looking for my own flat now. Should have started doing this long ago, but work kept me busy. And I was quite comfortable at home.
Also, there was this issue that my parents quickly got pissed when I mentioned leaving home.

In our community, muslim women are not supposed to live alone without a father, or a husband, or a brother. A muslim woman is not allowed to travel without a male relative. If a woman does not follow these rules, people will think of her as a slut.
Welcome to my world.

But these last few months I noticed for the first time how I'm being treated like a child:
- "Do not stay up late, go to bed!"
- "Who are you talking to on the internet? You don't know these guys!"
- "Why did you spend your money on XXX, what do you need that for?"

It is none of their fucking business what I do with my time and money and who I talk to in teamspeak.

There are also these small things that really bug me. Living with 5 people in the same apartment suffocates me. People keep barging into your room, 5 people create a lot of mess, so everyday, one of us 3 sisters falls victim to doing lots of laundry, or cleaning, vacuuming, etc. Bathroom's always the worst.
We almost always agree on who does what work in the household, but honestly? I don't want to keep cleaning up after many others for the rest of my life.
So the only solution is to get my own flat, so I'd only have to worry about my own shit and clean up whenever I want.

When I first told my parents that I want to leave, I got a huge shitstorm in return. So I kept quiet for a while, kept looking for a flat and when I got the firts appointment for a viewing, I mentioned it again to my parents.
Suddenly, they were completely fine with it. Wtf? Did they stop caring what our community whould think of me? O_O
Only mom was like "Haha, I hope you won't get that flat". And I really didn't, appointment got cancelled OTL

Anyway, I might perhaps buy a flat, my budgies getting their own personal room, so they can do shit without bothering me from morning till evening. They're also one of the reasons I need more space. They're cute and all, but I can't have their poop in my bed or between my toes any longer...
But, just imagine, one big room, one big playground for my babies. Looking forward to it.
Tags: budgie, common sense is wishful thinking, culture - tradition - religion, i don't have to justify myself, mom has no clue..., shitty society

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