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Spoiler Alert! KHR! Chapter 405

Ever since chapter 399 (and even before that), KHR! became more and more ridiculous, until chapter 405 appeared. With this chapter, Amano added something into the story that will likely mess up everything, because we all know Amano's way of storytelling and that she NEVER thinks anything through, NEVER.


Long before the human race was born, God created Kawahira-san, Yuni's ancestor and some other dudes:

And gave them the mission to protect planet earth.

They lived together with the dinosaurs in harmony and peace.

But then an evil T-Rex appeared and they started dying one by one, until only Kawahira-san and Yuni-ancestor remained.

Because it was necessary for the 7 stones to be kept by a living species, Kawahira-san and Yuni decided to turn the stones into pacifiers and gave them to the newly born species, the humans:

Every once in a while, Kawahira-san gets bored with the arcobalenos and decides to make them fight to the death with new candidates. Meanwhile, Yuni clones herself to make a new successor for the sky pacifier.
Yuni's clones btw, a timeline of 10000 Million Years B.C until 2012 A.D.

Only a very special species can come up with "timeless" clothes.

The other holy stones, that were not turned into pacifiers, were also given to the humans, but because the humans discovered that they can create fire by hitting the holy stones together, Kawahira-san decided to turn the stones into objects that can't be used to light a bonfire:

The roundly shape of the rings inspired the cavemen to a new invention: The wheel!

To them, the real purpose of the Trinisette still remains unclear. How do these rings protect the earth? Does the magma inside the earth go out of control and does the earth explode when the rings disappear? Will the nature die? Is god not powerful enough to keep the balance or is he busy creating new species elsewhere in our universe?

In the next issue of Shonen Jumps' Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:
A new threat is approaching the earth! Will Kawahira-san overcome his embarrassment of having worn that mask and will he help Tsuna and his friends to protect the earth!?
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