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Fighting Scenes in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Because Amano's artwork is very bad lately, I want to show the difference between the absolutely boring wishy-washy fighting scenes of the current arc and the Varia arc.

Arcobaleno arc:

I know these are supposed to be a slow-motion panels in the fight, but look closely. Jaggers anatomy is just horrible. The lack of details is driving me crazy ever since this arc started. I know she's drawing on a A4 page, but a Pro artist should at least manage a few details at this size.
Because the more details you insert, the more dynamics you can add. Xanxus's feathers are just three strokes with a pen.
The lines are also too thick at some point and have the same stroke size, but it seems Amano doesn't bother changing the pen.
I got the impression that Amano doesn't like using screen tones either. There were a ton in the Varia arc and now we got too much blank space on each page...

What's that in that panel?

Another wishy-washy scene, you can't even recognize what is happening in the middle panel. Is that a claw around Jagger? Mosca's arm looks like two more speedlines.
Amano chose and awkward angle for those bullets in the left panel. You wouldn't realize that Mosca is shooting bullets if it wasn't written there. To me, it looks like smoke is coming out of Mosca's face for no apparent reason. It also kinda shows a reverse effect, it looks like as if Mosca is hit by something...

Even Shimon Arc looked better than that, even though there were also some art crimes in there (the legs):

And here, you can tell that a variation in the thickness of the lines is completely missing. Dynamics don't only come from the angle and form of objects or people, the outlines are also important.
Hibari is drawn here with the same stroke size, which looks especially bad on the clothes.

This is a great example of how it should be done:

And it also shows that Amano can do that if she wants to.

Blank space
This makes me so lol, because it looks like Amano tried to cover the blank space with sound words. Normally, she uses transparent sound words, but in this case, something had to fill that corner..

There is a bit of screen tone, but it's very...faint. Is it that difficult to add a darker tone for a blue sky? This would at least add more contrast to the panel.

Varia arc
You know who launches the attack, you can see where it's going, you also know the target: all in just one single panel.

This is incredibly well done. You first get a close up of what is going to be thrown at Levi, then the panel that shows everything, attacker, rockets, target, everythign, and the side panels show the aftermath of that attack.
This is only half a page, yet Amano used that space well.
The dark smoke behind the rocket paths is also well placed. That way more contrast and depth is added to the panel and the viewers attention is directed to the target.

Amano's current drawing style is really week. I don't know what's her problem. Not enough assistants? Do screen tones cost too much? Too lazy to use differnt pens? Does she let assitans do the outlines?
What I know for sure is that she will never reach Varia Quality again. Never.
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