May 17th, 2010

Xan-chan colored

everyone has an inner hollow, you have to fight it!

Baseball is a nice exercise, it kills you when you start playing without stretching first.
I couldn't stand up today, had to crawl out of bed, my hands were trembling when I filled the feeding dishes of meh budgies, I could literally hear my muscle scream with every movement.
I feel the pain when I lift my arm to drink tee, I feel the pain in my sides and my belly when I breath.
Want to crawl into my bed again, but I have to clean my room x_X but doing anything hurts like hell, so I sit at my laptop instead to do neither XD orz

Anyway. Someone on MH compared the new KHR! arc with the 5 years time skip and the addition of new characters in Naruto.
I've dropped Naruto some months ago, so I was curious about the 5 years and checked the newest find bullshit like this:
Collapse )

Blergh, you know what sucks about not liking the animu und mango that other people love to bits? You can discuss all you want, you're still marked as a troll. Fandoms suck.