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Howl's Moving Castle - Papercraft

Ffffffffffffffinally, I was getting really annoyed with all the paper snippets around me and the countless mistakes in the papercraft =_= not only my mistakes at glueing stuff wrong, but also errors in the pattern itself =_= like missing parts, wrong labeling, wrong sizes and so on.
But it's still pretty and I want to create the other version of Howl's Moving Castle next ('cause that one looks more kickass...didn't know it existed until after I printed out the flying version xD).

Anyway, big picspam again under the cut. Here's the cut. Here. I mean, here.
26 pages of the pattern. There were also little blury photos mixed inbetween to show how the stuff looks like, but most of them didn't help. The instructions are in Japanese and the translation of it was so weird, you didn't know which text belonged to which part xD nice translation and all, but people should learn more about font sizes =_=

The inner body was difficult to figure out x_x that's why I started searching for better instructions and found bigger pictures. I also found that other version of the castle and kinda lost the mood to continue ~_~ but once started, I couldn't really stop.

Too cute xD

Adding the houses...

and pipes, the cannon head..

More cute houses, they were the easiest part


gnaah, it looks so small there ;_;

There's another small part I didn't glue on. You attach it on top of the cannon head, put a string through it and let it "fly" over one end of the string to the other. That sounds cool, since this is the flying version, but I didn't want to put anything on top of the cannon head ;_;

The PDF file with the patterns, the japanese instructions with bigger pictures and the english translated instructions can be found here.
If anyone wants to try it too (it's not as suicidal as Going Merry and the Mosque papercraft, I swear xD), I recommend printing it in a copy shop, which use thicker paper and laser printer.
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